We strive to provide the highest professional quality industrial electrical services.

At Valu-Electric we pride ourselves in providing the highest professional quality electrical services. We cover the Ventura County and parts of the LA county areas.

From a project’s inception to completion, our clients count on Valu-Electric’s expertise to reduce their construction time, improve energy savings, and complete work that is of the highest standards, all allowing you to improve your bottom line. When you choose Valu-Electric we are confident that you will have an experience that will always leave you more than satisfied.


  • Installation of lights and lighting controls
  • Installation of switch gears and transformers
  • Installation and troubleshooting of motor controls
  • Installation of EMT and rigid conduits for race ways
  • Servicing low and high voltage
  • Installation and repair of underground services
  • Installation of grounding conductors
  • Installation of services for new production equipment
  • Installation of fire alarm systems

At Valu-Electric we love giving projects life, so if you can imagine it, we will find a way to give it power! Give us a call today for an estimation, and let us show you why we’ve become the #1 Electrical choice for the Industrial and Commercial Industries in the Ventura and surrounding LA counties.